Pop Culture & History

Pop Culture & History



Here are just a few of my pop culture & history projects to date: 



Divided States of Women is a Webby Award-winning Vox video series hosted by journalist Liz Plank focusing on the controversial issues that affect every woman in America. This series covered a range of topics, including politics, pop culture, policy and more. I acted as researcher and segment producer for the series. In addition to carrying out the bulk of research supporting the program, I pitched and produced segments, consulted on and helped write the script, and sourced and booked expert interviewees. I also did location research, pre-interviewed subjects and wrote interview questions for the episodes.

This series has exploded in popularity. The episodes I segment produced are among the most popular; several have accumulated millions of views on social. One standout example of my work on this series is the episode “Divided States of Hygiene” which I researched and segment produced. In its first week, it reached 2.2 million+ views and 22k shares on Facebook. 

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What Remains: America’s Secrets is a popular AOL series covering little known history. I researched the series and assisted with copywriting and archival. 





I helped research, write and segment produce the extremely engaging MAKERS Podcast, featuring the stories of remarkable women making history. 


I helped research and develop two forthcoming history-based PBS docu-series for Henry Louis Gates Jr.