Hi! I’m Chelsea, a J.D., writer, researcher & award-winning video producer with 10 years of content experience. Really, I prefer to think of myself as a multimedia storyteller and creator of amazing content. 

I have an endless well of ideas and a passion for telling compelling stories. I’ve created content for some of the world’s most recognizable brands and media companies, including Vox, Comcast, AOL, State Farm Insurance, Bank of America, PBS, Delta Air Lines, H&R Block and many more.  

Working with these companies has catapulted my storytelling skills, earned me multiple awards, and given me amazing insight into what makes content resonate with audiences. I’ve learned that the best content has a human element, and that’s where I come in. 

My work has been viewed by millions and shared by thousands. Best of all? I’ve helped my clients grow their audiences. 

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Areas of Expertise: